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Use DirectLink with Mailigen’s Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

When performing affiliate email marketing campaigns for Mailigen, make use of DirectLink tracking! DirectLink is one of the most effective and advanced tracking tools in affiliate marketing, allowing you to link directly to a website without any additional parameters in the URL.

What is DirectLink and how does it work?

In affiliate marketing, we usually use links with additional parameters in order to track them. Now with DirectLink tracking, as they are simple and clean, you can track affiliate links without any additional parameters built into the URL.

Sounds great and you wonder ‘How is this possible?’ Usually the visitor is recognized by the parameters added to the link. But in this case, the visitor referred through DirectLink is recognized by the http_referrer information that is sent by the browser. The http_referrer is the address of the affiliate page and it refers the browser to the destination page.

The webpage is checked in the database as to whether it belongs to an affiliate and the referral is assigned to the affiliate. The DirectLink tracking method is browser dependent. All modern browsers support this method and send this information, so it is reliable 90-99% of the time.

Why should you use DirectLink?

There are several reasons why you should use DirectLink as your main affiliate linking strategy.

Let people focus on clicking, not affiliate issues

When using DirectLink tracking, visitors of the website won’t know they are clicking on an affiliate link. There are people who don’t like to click if they recognize an affiliate link because they know somebody is earning commission for the promoted products. If you use the DirectLink method, visitors will focus on the information they are interested in without any additional thoughts in mind, so clicking through your website will be more natural.

Make it easy to link any of the website pages

You no longer have to limit yourself to promoting only a couple of merchant links with affiliate parameters built in. With DirectLink, you can easily create links to any of the website pages. Whether it’s a front page, an internal page or a blog page that you promote on your website, all the links will be recognized and treated as affiliate referrals.

Protect your affiliate links from possible damage

As there are people who don’t want to click on affiliate links, they can try to bypass your business. For example, they can copy the link to the browser and then remove the affiliate parameters. If you use DirectLink, you can be sure nobody is interrupting your affiliate performance and all the links are treated as affiliate referrals.

How do you start using DirectLink?

Setting up DirectLink is fast and easy. Follow these three simple steps:

1. First, you have to log in to your Mailigen affiliate account. Then set up DirectLink URLs. These are the URL addresses of your own pages where you will place affiliate links and banners to promote the merchant products. Go to the Banners and Links section and then choose DirectLink URLs.

Mailigen affiliate program

2. Enter your website URL in the DirectLink URL manager. All URLs you enter will be reviewed and approved by our manager manually before they become active.

Mailigen affiliate marketing

3. When your URL is approved, every Mailigen link on your website will be treated as an affiliate referral.

It’s possible to use non-direct link tracking and DirectLink tracking together, for example, banners with tracking parameters and links without affiliate parameters. Just remember that tracking parameters are superior to the DirectLink method. This means that the visitor’s activity will be primarily treated according to the banner parameters.

We at Mailigen have an awesome affiliate program allowing DirectLink tracking. Sign up for our affiliate program and get paid for every sale you make!

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