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The most important performance measures and trends in email marketing 2011

In a recent survey by MarketingSherpa, more than 1100 email marketing specialists were surveyed. It concluded that the one of biggest obstacles to communication in email marketing is creating truly relevant content for email marketing campaigns.

Relevant content means increased efficiency for email marketing campaigns, but it does involve additional costs. The additional costs relate to segmenting users and creating different versions of the content.

MarketingSherpa Email Benchmark

Writing good emails is one thing, but you have to push the investment returns to the max and gain new subscribers—both are as important as creating relevant content. Investment returns and reaching new audiences are actually connected, because a good way of reaching new subscribers means a better chance of getting additional value for your effort, in the future.

Of course, a single email tactic isn’t a long-term solution. Acquiring a new subscriber doesn’t mean that the subscriber will actually become a customer. To make it happen, however, you need to pay attention to bettering your email marketing strategy. The MarketingSherpa survey also says this: one third of the participants think that the lack of an effective marketing strategy is a concern.

How to solve these issues?

A content marketing strategy

The communication with a subscriber — or a client — doesn’t end after sending an email marketing campaign. You’ll obviously send more and more email campaigns to these subscribers. However, a question remains: does the client really want to receive more emails?

Here the content plays a huge role, because it has to be written in a way that makes them weep for more from you. This is where you’ll have think outside the box, because, in order to become successful, you’ll have to send them something the subscribers truly value, not what you think would “sell best”. Besides, if the campaigns are regular and with related topics, it’ll give you additional returns—and probably make the customer stay interested.

Social media implementation

The implementation of social media into email campaigns was the hot topic of this year, simply because social media is the channel that can turn a campaign viral in no time. And that, in turn, attracts new subscribers. We expect this tendency to continue, because social media and email are quite like one another, and intertwine well. New solutions will also be found to enhance these marketing channels and synchronize them into a sole strategy.

Data analysis and evaluating the efficiency of a campaign

Email marketing software offers solutions that allow you to make conclusions about the opened emails and their click rates. However, to realize the true efficiency and make it possible to get a “real” number, there is need for an option to measure the overall return from the investment.

For that to become possible, implementing Google Analytics into future campaigns is a must—as well as setting a goal for each campaign is.

The true value of an email marketing strategy

A good email marketing strategy is the key to success, and includes everything mentioned above.

We can conclude this from the data of the MarketingSherpa survey: email marketing can be problematic, and email that has been subscribed to can still count as spam. If this happens, the fault is either in the nature of the campaign, or the content.

The email campaign content means a lot, and we can only expect that next year it will mean not less for truly effective email marketing.

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