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Time Match: Delivering Emails Based on Subscribers’ Time Zone

Time Match feature

Imagine you have subscribers from New York, London and other parts of the world in your email list. And you want to send them a newsletter at noon. Perform segmentation by time zones? Send at the time that fits to the majority? Both solutions are either too time consuming or too inaccurate.

That’s why we have come up with a magical Time Match feature that allows you to email at the same local hour in every time zone. All you have to do is to schedule your email campaign for the next noon, and it will get delivered at noon in London, four hours later at noon in New York and so on.

Grow engagement with perfect timing

Perfect email timing affects email open rates, email click through rates and the whole engagement. But finding the best time to send emails is only the first step. Then you have to deliver your emails at the chosen time in every time zone.

Benefit from the new Time Match feature in several ways:

  • Send highly relevant and personalized emails. Perfect timing will increase your email open rate, email click through rate and, most importantly, your conversion rate.
  • Save time on sending simple email campaigns. You don’t have to use segmentation by time zones. Schedule your campaign at a chosen time with just a single click.
  • Improve your email delivery. Email campaigns with the Time Match feature turned on are getting delivered over 24 hours which has a positive influence on email deliverability.

How does the Time Match magic work?

The Time Match feature recognizes subscribers’ time zones by their IP addresses. The IP address and the appropriate time zone is fixed at the moment of subscriber interaction:

  • for the first time – when subscribers sign up for your newsletters
  • afterwards – when subscribers open or click on your newsletter

Of course, subscribers may open your newsletters from different time zones, for example, when traveling. The Mailigen system will fix the last one in order to ensure the highest accuracy.

Start emailing at the same local time

You will find the Time Match feature at the fifth step of creating an email campaign. It’s the last step before you send an email. Next to the scheduling options you will see a Time Match dropdown allowing you to turn it ON or OFF.

Mailigen Time Match

Instead of “send now” you have to choose “send later”. Select the date and time, and turn on the Time Match option. Schedule sending and you are done! Your message will hit the inbox at the chosen time in each time zone.

Perfect timing with Mailigen

We at Mailigen created this time travel feature primarily for ourselves. As we have customers from all over the world, it was getting hard to reach every one of them at the right time. We conducted our first tests on inactive subscribers and got amazing results. Open rates increased by more than half. Of course, we couldn’t keep it to ourselves. So we shared our invention with you, the marketers!

We encourage you to fully benefit from the time traveling feature when sending campaigns to your international email lists. With the Time Match feature you can send emails at the time your subscribers are most likely to check their emails. Therefore, you will send more relevant and personalized emails and improve your overall email campaign results.

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