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Testing Email Elements to Improve Campaign Effectiveness

In the series of charts about email marketing, this week we are looking at different elements of emails that are tested the most. Over 1,400 industry marketers have provided their input to identify which email elements they are or will be testing, in order to improve the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns.

testing email elements

As we can see above, the most frequently tested element for long time has been “Subject” Lines. Offers and send time is being tested almost as much. Testing elements can improve significantly your email campaign results and should be done by each and every company that’s using email marketing in their business strategy.

To run full tests you do need to take in account your target market and list size, as both of the criteria has big effect on results. To produce measurable results, you need sufficient amount of data therefore you need bigger list or have to run tests over longer period of time. B2C marketers test more often different elements of email than B2B marketers.

We would like to hear from you! Are you running any tests on on your email marketing campaigns, if so what are the elements you are currently testing?

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