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Send Only the Most Effective Emails Using A/B Split Test

A/B Split Test

Exciting news, marketer! We’ve launched Mailigen version 3.0 including the long-awaited A/B split test feature. Moreover, this feature includes four different types of tests that you can perform! You can test different subject lines, from or sender names, email content, calls to action, sending days and times – thereby allowing you to deliver only the most effective email version to your subscribers.

What is A/B split testing?

In a few words: one of the most in-demand features of email marketing.

75% of strategic phase marketers use A/B split testing to learn about customer behavior and how best to reach them according to MarketingSherpa.com. Are you one of those wishing to maximize your email campaign results?

How does it work? The A/B split test allows you to create two email versions and split your email list into two random test groups and the rest of the audience who will receive the winning version of your email. Each test group is sent a different version of the same email. An example would be the same email content sent out to both groups but with different subject lines. Opens and clicks are used to decide which of the test elements is the most effective and the winner is sent to the rest of the audience.

What can you test?

All the most important elements of the email.

Our A/B split test facility has more than just one new ordinary feature. There are FOUR types of tests in one system!

A/B Split Test

#1 Email subject line

Your email open rate depends mostly on the success of your subject line. Create A/B split campaigns to test:

  • the length of subject line
  • merge tags and personalization
  • the use of questions, how-to constructions, verbs, adjectives, imperatives, superlatives
  • the usage of numbers, percentages, symbols and much more

#2 From or sender name

The from name also has a significant impact on your email open rate. With Mailigen, you can test:

  • the length of the from field
  • company name and individual personalities
  • the level of familiarity and other elements

#3 Content and CTA

Email content and especially calls to action significantly affect email click-through rates and conversion rates. Use A/B split testing to experiment with:

  • email text, images, links
  • merge tags and personalization
  • the length of email and layout
  • call to action buttons, texts, colors

But don’t test more than one element to prove its effectiveness.

#4 Sending day and/or time

Choose a specific time of the day and send your campaign on two different days. Or you can send your email at two different times of the day within one day. In your A/B campaign you can test:

  • time of the day, e.g., morning, noon, evening and even late at night might be great times to send your campaigns
  • weekdays or weekends
  • business days or holidays

Whatever the approach, find out which day and time of the day works best for your audience by using the A/B split test feature.

Why should you test?

To get higher engagement.

You should of course analyze results after each email marketing campaign and use the best performing elements in the next campaigns. A/B split testing gives you the possibility to create more effective and focused tests.

For example, within the first A/B test campaign you discover that the green CTA button works much better than the orange one. In the following A/B campaigns you test the placement of the button… then texts and so on. By creating a testing strategy, little-by-little you will improve your email marketing performance until you have created a masterpiece!


I bet you’re tempted to try out our A/B split test feature. Even one wrong word may have a crucial (read – negative) impact on your performance. Don’t guess – know for sure what works best by using A/B split test campaigns! Take a look at our video on how to create A/B split test campaign step-by-step with Mailigen!

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