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10 SaaS Affiliate Programs [Best Reseller Programs with Recurring Commissions]

One of the most pleasant and joyful moments for affiliate marketers is to find affiliate programs with recurring commissions and that can be hard. So, we gathered a list of top-10 SaaS affiliate programs on the web.

This list should help you rocket your monthly income.

If you are new to affiliate marketing and don’t know what it is (I am sure you do) then affiliate program is a way for the company to get extra sales by signing up individuals or companies (Affiliates) who are willing to promote company’s products for commissions or another kind of rewards. Basically, if someone orders product or service using your affiliate link – you get commissions. Simple as that.

One of the tricks affiliates are using is looking for affiliate programs which pay recurring income. This helps affiliates to earn commissions constantly and on autopilot as long as the user stays with the company.

Of course, other factors for successful income stream creation is the quality of product and reputation of the brand and high commission rates will mean nothing if you can’t build buyers trust.

How do affiliate recurring commissions work?

Recurring commissions work only if your suggested user pays for subscription from month to month. Companies that usually offer such a luxury are membership programs or products which require recurring monthly payments. It all depends on companies marketing strategy.

Here I am sharing one of my favorite SaaS affiliate programs with recurring commissions. High commissions, free signup and more importantly – recurring income. Let’s take a look at those SaaS reseller programs which would make you money while you are sleeping.


Best SaaS Affiliate programs

Here’s a table of best startups that offer high payout affiliate programs:

Affiliate ProgramsCommissionWebsite
1Mangools30%Join Now
2SerpstatsUp to 30%Join Now
3SEOprofilerUp to 50%Join Now
4AWeber30%Join Now
5Berush (Semrush)40%Join Now
6Get Response33%Join Now
7Leadpages30%Join Now
8Rankpay10%Join Now
9Ninja OutreachUp to 50%Join Now
10Linkody30%Join Now

Everything You Need to Know About These SaaS Reseller Programs

In this section you will find a detailed explanation of each SaaS affiliate program.

1. Mangools (SEO software)

Affiliate programs with recurring commissions - Mangools


Mangools offers SEO package for digital marketers. All tools are easy to use and are perfectly designed for SEO beginners. Mangools offers a free plan as well, so you can test out every tool they have by yourself. One of the most known Mangool tools is KWfinder, it’s by far the easiest method to accumulate long tail keywords for your keyword research. Check all their products below.


Recurring Commission: 30%

Minimum Payout: $150

Cookie Expiration: 30days

2. Serpstat (SEO software)

Affiliate Program with 30% commission - Serpstat


Serpstat is All-in-One SEO platform which offers growth hacking tools for SEO, PPC and content marketing. The platform consists of rank tracking, backlink analysis, keyword research, site audit and competitor research tools so you can sky-rocket your website position in SERP.

Also, the amount you have earned through affiliate program will be multiplied by 1.5 if you will be paying for your Serpstat subscription.

Their affiliate program has 4 stages:

  • 1st Stage: You get 5% recurring commission (1+ payments)
  • 2nd Stage: You get 10% recurring commission (3+ payments)
  • 3rd Stage: You get 20% recurring commission (10+ payments)
  • 4th Stage: You get 30% recurring commission (20+ payments)

Recurring Commission: Up to 30%

Minimum Payout: $50

Cookie Expiration: 60 days

3. SEOprofiler (SEO software)

SEOprofiler Affiliate Program with Recurring Income

SEOprofiler partner program commissions are very appealing to any marketers mind. They offer 50% commission for any plan your referral chooses to buy. So you can make as many commissions as possible.

You will get 50% for the first sale of the referred customer and 10% of all other sales of that customer. If you refer a yearly sale for SEPprofiler (i.e. the customer pays for one year in advance), you will get a commission of 20% on the yearly sale.

Recurring Commission: 50%

Minimum Payout: $100

Cookie Expiration: Unknown

4. AWeber (Email marketing software)

AWeber Email Marketing Affiliate Program


AWeber is probably one of the most popular email marketing software and one of the best SaaS affiliate programs with recurring commissions for affiliate marketers, bloggers, and businesses. And let me boost their ego even more – their affiliate program dashboard looks amazing. If you have an email list of business owners or bloggers I can guarantee you promoting AWeber will be big a success.

The biggest reason is – they offer free 30 day trial, which is compelling enough for users to take a look at this nice piece of software. And when people get’s used to things, they start using them and that’s the part where you as an affiliate start earning your recurring commissions.

Recurring Commission: %30

Minimum Payout: $50

Cookie Expiration: 365days


5. Berush [SEMrush] (All-in-one digital marketing tool) - affiliate program


SEMrush is a digital marketing tool for search engine optimization and search engine marketing. It not only shows you keyword search volume and difficulty but generates and spits out many other keyword suggestions with all its data.

It can also be used as backlink checker to spy on your competitors, site audit tool, social media poster, organic traffic insights tool and a lot more. BErush is its affiliate program.

Recurring Commission: 40%

Minimum Payout: $50 to Paypal, $1000 through Wire Transfer

Cookie Expiration: 10 years

6. Get Response (Email marketing and Landing page software)

GetResponse Affiliate Partner Programs


Get Response is the main competitor to AWeber. And when it comes to an reseller program, Get Response definitely beats Aweber by offering bigger commissions and even different affiliate program plans.

33% of recurring commissions for the lifetime is really impressive, especially when they are also offering the 30 day free trial for users (No email or credit card required). It’s good email marketing tool which you can promote to your targeted audience.

Recurring Commission: 33%

Minimum Payout: $40

Cookie Expiration: 120days

7. Leadpages (Landing page builder)

Leadpages Partnership Program

Leadpages is known for its pre-built well-converting landing pages and drag & drop landing page builder.

The only downside to this program is that you have to be a Leadpages member in order to become an affiliate. However, since this is such a widespread marketing tool, I think this won’t be an issue for most people.

Recurring Commission: 30%

Minimum Payout: Unknown

Cookie Expiration: 30 days

8. RankPay (SEO services)

RankPay SEO Affiliate - Partner Program

RankPay offers performance-based SEO services, blog management services, and social media management services. On top of that. Company’s SEO partner program includes monthly payouts, dedicated affiliate manager, wordpress plugin and a lot more useful materials for successful RankPay promotion.

Recurring Commission: 10%

Minimum Payout: $25

Cookie Expiration: Unknown

9. Ninja Outreach (Influencer and blogger outreach software)

AWeber Email Marketing Affiliate Program

Ninja Outreach affiliate program have high recurring commission and is probably one of the best SaaS affiliate programs with recurring commissions for your financial independence. Affiliate Earnings: 50% Monthly recurring commissions for each customer you refer. Just wow. Not to mention their affiliate program dashboard – it’s so easy-to-use and understanding it will be child’s play for every newbie.

Recurring Commission: 50%

Minimum Payout: $100

Cookie Expiration: Unkown

10. Linkody (Backlink monitoring and analysis tool)

Linkody's Affiliate [Recurring Commission]

Linkody is one of my favourite backlink monitoring tool because of its features:

  • Analyse competitors or your link profile with tons of metrics
  • See when you lose or gain links
  • Receive e-mail notifications
  • See social shares, anchor texts and link analysis
  • So much more…

In case you want to try it (and I definitely suggest it), Linkody offers 30 day trial so you can check their dashboard and all the features they have before you suggest it to somebody else. For more information on Linkody’s affiliate program – click here.

Recurring Commission: 30%

Minimum Payout: No limit

Cookie Expiration: 30 days

Passive income with recurring affiliate programs. Conclusion!

We have mentioned only our favorite affiliate programs with recurring commissions. Keep in mind, there are plenty of other SaaS reseller programs in different niches that can lead you to financial independence. We strongly suggest you test a program yourself before you put it in someone’s hands. You will be more convincing promoting a product you know have a value.

We hope our list of the best affiliate programs with recurring commissions proves quite useful to you.

And if you want to suggest another SaaS reseller program? Message us at

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