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Infographic: the Future of Email Content – Alive and Personal

Remember that time when an email made you feel that there’s at least someone (or…something?) paying attention? The most valued marketing emails are the ones that provide the right content at the right time. The fifth infographic in the series on email marketing rules to follow in 2016 focuses on how personalization and technologies are shaping the future of email content.

One of the prevailing trends in email marketing currently is personalization and 2016 is your opportunity to fully commit to it. Sending personalized emails has been proven an effective email marketing tactic for boosting email performance and subscriber engagement. You can’t stay relevant in the eyes of your subscribers with all-addressed content; so add that personal touch by tailoring content and personalizing the message.

But that’s not all the 2016 has in store for email content.

2016 Will see email content shifting from being static to being live. With all the available email marketing solutions, emails no longer have to be sleeping beauties – they can be living digital organisms. Live email content takes advantage of all that adaptive, real-time and geo-targeting wizardry that your developer and design colleagues are likely obsessed with. Unleash their creativity and watch your email campaigns flourish.



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