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How To Optimize Images For Search Engines, Social Media and People

How-To-Optimize-Images-For-Search-Engines,-Social-Media-and-PeopleThe article was updated April 2017. Please post comments to add up-to-date tips and tools

Optimize your images for search engines:

  • Use keywords in alt text, text around the image, file name, page title;
  • Set up separate search-engine-accessible image folder;
  • Use reasonable image file size (here are wordpress plugins to optimize images).
  • Limit number of images per page;
  • Use popular and reliable photo sharing hosting (e.g. Flickr is reported to help in Yahoo! image optimization).

Optimize your images for social media:

  • (Obvious) use really great images to give your readers another reason to spread the word;
  • Use social media image resizer to create images of perfect dimensions for each social media network
  • Create animated GIFs: They go hot easily!

Optimize your images for people:

  • People pay more attention to a clear image where they can see details (choose high quality images).
  • (Clean, clear) faces in an image get more eye fixation. (don’t use abstract images too often).
  • Keep them relevant: images are not the first thing a visitor sees on a web page but they can compel him to stay (according to the eye-tracking research web text is prior to images; when looking at a printed article people see images first; with web page they see text first – nevertheless images make the visitor stay and remember the page via relevant associations).

Gender specific:

  • Women are better at recognizing facial emotions than men (research):
  • Men seem to be more likely than women to first look at faces rather than other parts of a nude body (source);
  • Women are more interested in images with more than one person.

Tools and fun for image optimization:

  • SEO Friendly Images WP Plugin – automatically optimize image ALT and TITLE with the help of post “title” variable;
  • Again, this article lists more tools

How to find images online.

Image stats:

Let’s make a stronger case here:

Any tips and tools to add to this clutter-free checklist? Please add them in the comments!