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How to Create The Perfect Drip Campaign For Your Lead Generation

Email drip campaigns are a brilliant way for you to ‘warm’ up your prospects. If you plan your email campaign perfectly, then by the time the prospect gets to the end of it, they will be ready to buy from you, or at least take barely any convincing to part with their cash. So, how do you produce a fantastic drip campaign? That is what we wish to discuss with you today.

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Types of Drip Campaign

Before you do anything, you should work out which type of drip campaign you are planning. There are several different options here. These will be some of the most popular when it comes to selling a product (this is not all of the options)

  • Educational drip: if you are selling very, very specific products that may have a great deal of expense to them, then the educational drip is the way to go. You give nice, relevant information about your product. Tell people how it will work for them.
  • Re-engagement drip: if a lead went cold, then this is the type of drip you need to use. This will normally be used at the end of an older drip campaign which concluded without the person making a purchase. Can be one of the trickier drips to pull off as you have no idea why the person dropped in the first place.
  • Promotional drips: full of special offers and prices to entice the person to purchase.
  • Top Of Mind drips: this is all about ensuring that your company remains being thought about when it comes to their purchase. Not a hard sell by any stretch of the imagination, more branding.

Short Emails or Long Emails?

If you can, short emails are the route to go down. People do not have a lot of time to read through reams and reams of information. If you do have more information to share with the prospect, then put it on your website. Write a short piece and drive them there. Of course, the benefit of having them on your website is the fact that they may end up making a purchase which is going to be fantastic for you.

Short paragraphs. Short lines. Short words.

Your Campaign Should be Linked

There should be an end goal to your drip campaign. It should not be endless. Your goal should be to always move the client towards that end goal. There should be multiple routes to get there too. Some people may reach that end goal within a couple of emails. There are some people who may take 10-20 emails before they convert. Your campaign needs to plan for this.

It is important that your campaign is unified. The information that you share should always be built upon. You need to ensure that your prospect is excited for the information they will receive next. If you take a scattergun approach to everything, then you will not make a sale at all.

Our suggestion is that you write all of the emails on the same day. It makes it so much easier to get them unified.


If you are abysmal at writing copy, get somebody else to do it. Poor quality emails will reflect poorly on your business. After all, if you have not put any effort into your copy, who is to say you have put effort into the product you are selling?

Same goes for website design. It will be hard for you to get leads if your website doesn’t look good. So don’t think twice and get a web designer and don’t be scared to outsource email sequence writer.


 Your emails should always be personalized (your email software should be able to help with this). People love when they are being spoken to like this. Even something as simple as incorporating their name into your email campaign can work absolute wonders on this front. You do not want to sound too corporate, basically.

If you put these tips into practice, then we assure you that overtime, you will notice that the hotness of your prospects increases. This will lead to even more sales for your company and, of course, less-wasted time.

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