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Happy Birthday, Mailigen! Infographic: Mailigen Core Values

This month Mailigen is turning seven. Wow. That’s seven years of loving email marketing and striving to become the best service out there. 84 months of delivering our customers’ emails in the inbox and helping them reach their business goals. 2555 days of constant growth in scope, features, and conversions. And about 61k hours of living and breathing our 4 main values.

Even though our strength is technology, our foundations will always be our people and what we believe in. We’ve put together our core values into an infographic, and we’d like you to know the advantages of being a member of the Mailigen family.

After five years of climbing the hills of email marketing, we have realized that we are something more than just an ordinary email marketing company. There is a story behind every customer and every email campaign we help to create. The story is about the people behind the business and their rocky path to success. We are revealing our true voice and declaring our core values in order to mentor those who are on their way to achieving their goals.

Introducing Mailigen’s Four Core Values

We present to you our four core values – the essence of Mailigen. We always had them within us, but now you can see them clearly. Take a look at the infographic and learn more about our identity in order for us to become closer and discover your advantages of being our customer. Click the banner below to see the infographic:

We are excited to reveal you this more personal side of Mailigen. What do you think of our values? Share your thoughts using the hashtag #RiseAndTell.

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