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From Chaos to Order – Creating a B2B Email Marketing Campaign

Creating a B2B Email Marketing Campaign

“A goal without a plan is just a wish” is a truth that email marketers have to live by. The new ‘How to Guide’: Six Steps to B2B Email Marketing Success will help turn your wishful thinking into a bankable B2B email marketing strategy.

The full potential of B2B email marketing can only be unleashed if you truly commit to its best practices. The #1 rule is to do proper planning and carefully think through all of the campaign elements.

A sneak peek at what to expect

The ‘How to Guide’ puts forward an outline you can use to craft an effective B2B email marketing campaign. It includes advice and recommendations that will be valuable for both B2B email marketing newbies and seasoned veterans who want to raise their game.

Here’s a look at the six steps that, we believe, lead to a solid email marketing plan:

  • setting and prioritizing marketing objectives that are rooted in your business goals;
  • identifying your B2B audience and crafting personas by contemplating your clients’ behavior;
  • recognizing customer needs and pain points by embracing your clients’ perspectives;
  • creating engaging content that is aligned with different stages of the decision-making process;
  • ensuring deliverability by keeping your list up to date and finding the right IP solutions; and
  • measuring the outcome and looking for ways to improve.

Truth be told, an email marketing software package can only get you so far. You also have to put in up-front work and brainpower to plan an effective B2B email marketing campaign. Take this planning outline and get to work—we expect your future B2B campaigns to be nothing short of smashing!

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